Best known as the production house behind the long running reality program COPS, Langley Productions is one of the U.S.’s premiere independent non-fiction production companies.

Langley Productions is an award-winning, independent production company that creates, develops, licenses and produces content for worldwide audiences. Known for their expertise in the cinema verite style, Langley prides itself on AUTHENTIC and INNOVATIVE storytelling. Since John Langley established the company in the early 80’s, Langley Productions has produced the groundbreaking hits COPS, JAIL, ANATOMY OF CRIME, UNDERCOVER STINGS, and STREET PATROL. The company currently has both unscripted and scripted projects in development for multiple broadcast and digital platforms.


As a television company with strong roots in documentary filmmaking, Langley Productions has had a history of transforming the ethos and aesthetics of so-called “cinema verite” into TV fare for a wider audience.

That tradition continues today, with all of our TV programming being reality-based but also driven by strong stories and characters. While our goal has always been first and foremost to entertain as wide an audience as possible, we also remain true to the documentarian’s ideal of informing the public about the world around us. At the root of our mandate is the idea that truth is not only stranger, but often more compelling than fiction.